[spectre] Seminar: Listening to the End of the World

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Mon Oct 24 15:51:46 CEST 2016

Listening to the End of the World: Live streaming the University of Tokyo
Cyberforests and other remote objects

Sat 29 October 2016
13:00 – 17:00

Goldsmiths University of London
Room 274, 1st floor Richard Hoggart Building
New Cross
SE14 6NW

A team from the University of Tokyo will present the work of Cyberforest, a
unique trans-disciplinary research programme which has been streaming and
archiving live sounds, video and other data from the University of Tokyo
Forests since 1995.

London-based artist collective SoundCamp will curate two panels bringing
together artists, academics and naturalists to place this pioneering work
in the context of related practices in the UK and beyond. This sharing of
ideas and experiences will be the basis for further exchanges and

Cyberforest http://www.cyberforest.jp/
SoundCamp http://www.soundtent.org/
John Levack Drever (SPR, Goldsmiths) http://www.gold.ac.uk/spr/
Hill Hiroki Kobayashi (University of Tokyo) http://hhkobayashi.com/
Rachel Jacobs (Active Ingredient and MRL, Nottingham) http://www.i-am-
Glenn Boulter (Octopus Collective, Cumbria) http://glennboulter.net/
Sarah Dalrymple (Cumbria Wildlife Trust) https://goo.gl/qNPuew
Japan Bird Research Association http://www.bird-research.jp/index-e.html

Organised by:

Hosted by:
Unit for Sound Practice Research, Goldsmiths

£ Donation
Available from eventbrite http://tinyurl.com/cyberforest
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