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Rob Myers' Shareable Readymades

We are delighted to launch a special edition of Rob Myers' Shareable
Readymades to collect. Available in a variety of delightful finishes,
complete with certificate of inauthenticity.

Myers takes three iconic ‘readymades’ from the 20th century art canon and
transforms their value once again. By creating a downloadable, freely
licensed 3D model to print and remix, everyone can now have their own Pipe,
Balloon Dog and Urinal, a conceptual digital artwork available on demand.

Combining Free and Open Source culture with a new perspective on the idea
of original and copyrighted artworks, Myers explores ideas about owning art
and consumerism, alongside the way the Internet changes our relationship to
production and sharing.

The artworks will also be shown in Furtherfield's The Human Face of
Cryptoeconomies art show.

Private view: Friday 16 October 2015, 5-7pm (REGISTER)
17 October - 22 November 2015

This all part of the larger Art Data Money #artdatamoney project that aims
to build a commons for arts in the network age, and invites people to join
us and discover new ways for cryptocurrencies and big data to benefit us
all. http://www.furtherfield.org/artdatamoney/
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