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** Pelagian Voids + New Materialisms (Station 2)
We are glad to announce two separate events organized by grey) (area – space for contemporary and media art.

August 27, at 9 pm, in front of St. Peter's church (small chapel next to the cathedral), city of Korčula
multimedia concert Pelagian Voids by Manja Ristić and Marko Paunović

August 29,  9 – 11 pm, grey) (area gallery, city of Korčula
New Materialisms (Station 2), exhibition opening with artist talks by Alexei Blinov and Bronac Ferran. Exhibition is open until September 20, every day from 8 to 9 pm, or by an appointment. Curator is Darko Fritz.

Manja Ristić and Marko Paunović will perform their multimedia piece titled Pelagian Voices for the first time. Manja Ristić, violinist and multimedia artist living both in Belgrade and Korčula, member of the association grey) (area and ArtSync web radio editor, and Marko Paunović, ambient artist and sound sculptor from Niš (Serbia), began their cooperation in 2015 in the frame of the concert series improvE, which promotes research in new music. Following similar interests in the field of experimental electronics and electro-acoustics, Manja and Marko continued their cooperation with the range of multimedia projects.
Pelagian Voids piece is inspired by meta-spaces of litoral environment, and while being rounded by poetical sound narratives it takes us down the subtle personal memory lane and its spaces.

On Saturday, September 29 at 9 pm, the exhibition New Materialisms (Station 2) will open at the grey) (area gallery. This exhibition is the second one in the series of long-term program of exhibitions conceptualized in the collaborative process that has been taking place among grey) (area - space for contemporary and media art from Croatia, HICA (Highlands Institute for Contemporary Art) from Scotland,  and Technopolitics, association for advancement of discursive formats between art and science from Vienna.

At the opening the artist Alexei Blinov will present his work that includes so far inexplicable experiments, while the curator from the UK Bronac Ferran will give a lecture on Concrete poetry titled Graphic constellations - visual poetry and the properties of space, conceptualized after the working experience gained at the exhibition of the same title which was co-curated this year with Will Hillo, in the frame of jubilee Cambridge on 50th anniversary of First International Exhibition of Concrete, Kinetic and Phonetic Poetry.

Simultaneously with the exhibition New Materialisms (Station 2) in Korčula, HICA also presents the film by Vladislav Knežević in the frame of its exhibition Programmable States? (which was developed through curatorial discussion between grey) (area and HICA), together with works by Paul Brown and William Latham. Both exhibitions are open until September 20, 2015.

New Materialisms (Station 2) explores the German philosopher Max Bense’s identification of the ‘aesthetic condition’, and his proposition that ‘the aesthetic condition is as material as the physical condition of any observed object’. His analysis pursued the goal of ‘programs for the production of aesthetic conditions’, using early computing machines. Materials relating to the infamous clash at a 1970 panel discussion between Bense and Joseph Beuys, which has been described as ‘the visibly spectacular finale to the project of a rational, mathematically oriented aesthetics’, will be included in the exhibition.

New Materialisms series aims at reflexive production tackling historically divergent art practices and to them related discursive fields of Concrete and Conceptual Art, as defined in the 1960s (especially through the notions of modernity and postmodernity), but also with understanding of those practices via optics of post-media approach to art and post-digital condition of our cotidianity (whereby the digital penetrates every aspect of our social body). In that sense the project's intention is to formulate dialogues among important authors of these previous periods and contemporary practitioners who work within post-media context, mirroring “organismic” conditions while assuming the design of esthetic experience as important mechanism which has its agency in the process of creating physical world.

About the works included in the exhibition New Materialisms (Station 2) taking place in Korčula:

Experimental film titled Binary Pitch by Zagreb based author Vladislav Knežević is inspired by Max Bense's informational aesthetics from the 1960s. Architecture of the auditorium is a physical, institutional space and the space which generates meaning. The key ideas from Max Bense’s ‘Aesthetics and Programming’ (1968) are coded in zeros and ones and animated as lifting and lowering the seats. In the geometry of a static shot, elements of architecture and space become the subject of a visual experiment. The video consists of three parts: activation (drawing the auditorium out) – coding (central part) – deactivation (drawing the auditorium in).

Installation Open Source Vostok by Alexei Blinov, Russian artist based in London, unveils the materiality of the surface of our planet as it was 400 000 years ago via series of hologram shots of ice samples taken from the bottom of the frozen Vostok lake, about four kilometers under its surface.

More information:
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gallery is open daily from 20 to 21 h
Put Sv. Nikole bb (close to the town center)
free entrance

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