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The Mechanical Garden and Other Long Encores

21 September - 26 October
PV: 21 September 3 - 5pm

Dilston Grove, CGP London, Southwark Park, SE16 2DD

A project inspired by a diagram drawn by the late Bermondsey based pyrotechnic sculptor Stephen Cripps. 

Ben Burgis, Stuart Middleton and Richard Sides with Alina Astrova, Anne Bean, Ashkelon, Bruce Gilbert, Alice Hattrick, Jonathan Harvey, Anne Imhof, Patrick Langley, Margy Kinmonth, Laura Oldfield Ford, Ally Raftery, Peter Randall-Page, William Raban, David Toop, Jonathan P Watts, Jeni Walwin, Steven Warwick (Heatsick), Simon Werner, Richard Wilson and Z'EV + more

A Woodmill production, conceived by Naomi Pearce

www.woodmill.org  / www.cgplondon.org

For more information: naomi at woodmill.org

The Mechanical Garden and Other Long Encores is supported by Arts Council England


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