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Beyond the Interface Exhibition at ISMAR Conference, Munich 2014

Exhibition Opening 7 - 10 pm 10th Sept
Date: 10th-12th September 2014

Beyond the Interface Exhibition at ISMAR Conference, Munich 2014.

Featuring artists: Erica Scourti, Jennifer Chan, Nick Briz, Julian
Oliver, Mez Breeze, Heath Bunting, Zach Blas, Pierre Proske and Genetic Moo

Panel Speakers: Tatiana Bazzichelli, Annetta Domz, Wolf Lieser, Thomas
Grundnigg, Helen Varley Jamieson, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, and Julian 

Exhibition curated by
Marc Garrett, Julian Stadon

About the exhibition.

The interface is the boundary across which information is exchanged,
causing a transformation in one or both sides of that boundary. This
exhibition features art that disrupts or bypasses this interface.
Interfaces have always been a site of control, hidden in plain view:
symbolic, social or technological. They facilitate and shape the
dialogue that happens between different tribes from religions,
scientific or philosophical backgrounds; between components of computer
systems; or between machines and living beings.

Technological/designed interfaces deploy audiovisual and tactile inputs
with touch screens, mice, joysticks and buttons on our mobile phones,
games consoles, televisions, radios and laptops. Amazed and engaged, we
forget to question how we might be being dominated and reprogrammed by
the very facilities that were supposed to free us as part of the Digital
Revolution. Lori Emerson suggests this is an ?overwhelming push to
disempower users/consumers with closed devices?. http://bit.ly/1kbMfLU

The artists in this exhibition, critical practitioners in art and
technology, lift the veil on contemporary interfaces; setting out
alternative routes, aesthetic visions and disruptive behaviours.

2014 ISMAR MASH?D Panel Discussions

ISMAR 2014 (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) will
cover the FULL range of technologies encompassed by the Mixed Reality
spectrum, from interfaces in the real world to fully immersive
experiences. http://ismar.vgtc.org/index_ismar2014.php

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) melt the barriers between
virtual media, the physical world and our imagination by enriching our
ability to interact with all three. New applications in diverse areas
such as Engineering, Entertainment, Arts, Education Media and Humanities
push the boundaries of science and technology. As the premier conference
in the field, ISMAR is responding to this evolution by expanding the
program scope.

Weisser Saal
Faculty for Architecture Level 5
Technical Universsity campus
Arcisstrasse 21 80333 Munich

Technical University of Munich
Boltzmannstra?e 15
85748 Garching
Directions - http://www.tum.de/en/about-tum/contact-directions/#c8412

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