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The Chance event made the front page of today's (11/11/96)
LA Times with a color photo of Baudrillard who "... reads a
difficult, fatalistic text about humankind's loss of
destiny... Responsibility is not dead, it has become
violent.... Unlike truth, credibility cannot be refuted...
No event can put an end to what happens..."  JB champions LA
as a cultural desert that yields valuable social data at the
end of reality.  Baudrillard's mumbled monotone was indeed
difficult; at times indecipherable.

Fury or Fear. The casino as pergatory: you play-out all your
options: either returned to your hellish life or afforded an
illusive chance of a new beginning.

Loose Change. Psychic Network. An important event is
immanent. Pretend that I'm not here. Warp Coil.  Drilling
Phazers. Freezing Tropical River. Buffalo Baudrillard.
Castle in the Desert.  Curbing your curiousity... all the
things I would like to tell you.


Spare Change. Not wanting to be trapped in the slow lane.
Homelessness: a display of hope. Weapons Specialist: the
burning zone. UFO's as a consideration of the present by the
future-- alter the past.

Multi Race Keno. You may play up to 1000 races on one
ticket. If you play one to 20 games Federal Regulations
require that all winning tickets must be collected after the
last game is over. But if you choose to play 21 to 1000
games you have up to 365 days to collect. A conveening of
the mediocre. Does the possibility of Chance only encourage
an addictive dependence on attempting to determine outcome
-- the very presense of Chance? Why is it best to assume
that any known details of the future are better left

Bay Bridge
580 East
5 South
46 East
99 South
58 East
15 North

Vicki served me the 99c breakfast. At breakfast time you get
to see all the busted and disparing gamblers who have
presumably been up all night trying to recover their losses.
Play the ice machines in the hotel hallways.

Continuous Varied Forums. Not Art Forum.

Driving Religiousity: that easy, gentle drifting exchange
between the passing lane and the slow lane-- But at the
outskirts of the Bay area, all of a sudden there is an
immediate density and tension and haphazard manoeuvres. A
certain determined and tested velocity needed to escape from
this vortex. Big cities really make little sense; although
curiously they regenerate a cultural anedote for the
mutually oppressive conditions encountered in the Big Heart
City (circulation).  Inefficient valves. Is this the 'mutual
destiny' that Baudrillard seeks?

John Goodfellow proffered old appliances to be repaired.
Technology and the Production of Meaning.

A few tables of books for sale: what you'd expect;
SmartArt Press, Semiotext(e), etc.

Scary creative-writing students and vulture-teachers (many
of the predatory career-feminist type). Much smoking of

Chance: a product of overdetermination.

Back-in the City: I squeezed my sub-subaru into a parking
space (that few other vehicles could negotiate) between a
graffiti-washing truck and a motorcycle. A transient offered
to watch my vehicle (and to shoot anyone who came within 200
feet of my car); he was very pleased that I talked with him.
I took a chance parking here.

No Fear. No Chance.

Yarrow Stalks. Language of the Oracle. Theatre of
Disappearance. Dispersion. Central Tendency. Standard
Deviation.  Unnecessary Risks Yield No Rewards. Fallacy of
Unitary Opposite. Extraordinary Delusions when Explaining
Collapse. Captured and Killed (Bonnie and Clyde Death Car in
the hotel lobby).  With Certificate of Authenticity. And the
restored Dutch Schultz-Al Capone Gangster Car. Plus the 1700
foot monorail connecting Whiskey Pete's with the Primadonna
Resort across Interstate 15. 4000 slot machines. 100 foot
ferris wheel. 2 motion simulator theatres. Adventure Canyon
Water Flume Logride.  Buffalo-shaped pool and spiraling
water slides.  State-of-the-art video arcade.  Hangman's Bar
with animated singing and talking lifelike cowboys. The
world's tallest and fastest roller coaster: the Desperado
hurtles screaming riders all around and into the casino
itself. 24 hour security.

Stopped off I-15 to take blurry/windy, spatially compressed
photos of individual plants in a filed of cactii. May be
inserted as part of The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project.

Zzyzx Road. Turtle Ditch. Dale Ditch. Mobi Ditch. Hot Wash.
Sunshine Gas.

(How long does gasoline 'keep?' --retain its volitility? An
extensive collection of authenticated, vintage blends from
various vendors could command some monetary value in
connection with lawsuits, environmental, health, consumer
issues. Would the gas have to be stored in tinted or opaque
glass containers? )

Malfunction Voids all Pays and Plays (disclaimer on slot


I 'wore' ear-plugs much of the time: Volume-- a cocoon of
layered sounds: clunking coins and electronic beeps and
whirls. Much music at Chance was bad and stupidly loud. The
Butoh performance on the other hand was excellent.

Pulp Fiction. LA Noir Pop. Wishful Thinking. Mutate-Adapt.
Dispair and Chaos. Patterns/Recognitions. I-Ching = Binary
Code = Genetic Code = Hopes and Fears (Memory Pockets).

Illusion of Choice. Idle Spurs. Iron Wash. Winking bits of
broken glass in the desert sun. Turtle Wash. Cache Creek.
Earthquake Retrofit. California Cotton.

Place your bets:

15 South
58 West
99 North
46 West
5 North
580 West
Bay Bridge


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Kritikos, V.11 Jan. - March 2014

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