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nat muller nat at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 26 09:58:48 CET 2004

Test Matches

During the Test Matches  artists, curators and activists add their own 
interpretation to the theme of Power : Play. Each afternoon in the big 
hall of the Fight Club two special invitees elaborate on their own 
experiences, presenting a rich selection of illustrations. This way two 
methods of playful subversion are daily confronted with eachother. What 
unites these sixteen very diverse case studies is the notion of 
‘empowerment.’ The game is to adjust the rules to your own standards. 
The audience is also invited to contribute to the discussion.

This programme was developed in collaboration with Nat Müller and the 
Piet Zwart Instituut – Rotterdam)

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mon     26    : TELEVISION vs CONSOLE
Frank Werner  : Berlin based media artist, designer of interactive 
shooting game Las Famillias, for V2_ show during IFFR.

Mike Dicks : commercial director of Bomb Productions, which is 
currently producing and maintaining the FightBox website for BBCi. Also 
involved in the Spybotics for toy manufacturer Lego.

tue     27    : SHOCK vs AWE
Jordan Crandall : media theorist and theoritician. At the occasion of 
IFFR 2004 he launches his web-project ‘Under Fire’ as an artist in 
residence at Witte de With.

Julian Oliver : A core member of the Escape From Woomera project and 
director of game art organisation, selectparks, Julian Oliver is a 
software developer, composer and media-theorist.

wed     28    : RADICAL vs CHIQUE
Yomango : this brandname (in Spanish slang this word means 'I steal'), 
is not so much about selling concrete stuff, but more about promoting a 
lifestyle. In this case shoplifting as a form of civil disobedience.

Charlie Evatt : co-author of the Random Policy Generator, as Charlie 
Ferrari he records and performs his own music and also practices the 
russian martial art ‘Systema’.

thu     29    : SIGNAL vs NOISE  
Lokiss : French grafitti activist who also uses the internet to 
demonstrate his ideas and skills. Also performs live as Bloodbonus.
jodi.org : artists Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans (collaborating as 
JODI since 1994) are the Dadaists of Internet art. Their work (often 
game-based) employs strategies of subversion to create an estrangement.

fri     30    : ART vs ACTIVISM
*Eastwood* real time estate group : a group dedicated to the strategic 
research of relations between information technology and cultural 
practice. Creators of the games Explore98 and Civilization IV- Age of 

AgoraXchange  : co-creators Jacqueline Stevens and Cynthia Madansky 
introduce Natalie Bookchin’s latest net-project, a game-concept 
realizing the principles of governance described in States without 
Commisioned by Tate Modern (online from Jan 14th 2004).


Power : Play presents
Friendly Fire (TENT.) : Isaac Julien, Langlands & Bell, Anri Sala, Hans 
Werner Mohm, David Cronenberg, Winters/van Heeswijk, Nullpointer, Cel 
V_2 : Kevin Henley, Frans Werner
Schouwburg : Christopher Kondek
Witte de With : Jordan Crandall
FightClub (Off_Corso) :
the installations Apart, Chess Boxing, Diplomatic Arena, Election 
Manifesto Random Policy Generator, Rashomon , Superflex , Super Mario 
Clouds, Velvet Strike, Waco Resurrection

the games & sites : The Anti War game, America’s  Army, Bushmechanics, 
Civilization IV, Confrontation, Crosser + La Migra, Escape from 
Woomeera, Global Arcade, Gulf War 2, The Intruder, Lapsus Memoriae, 
Lokiss, March  to War, MeccaDonald’s, Nation States, Netflag project, 
Supervillainizer, Tiny Signs of Hope, Under Ash

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