[spectre] My Mission ---> first 2004 update & call

Le Musee di-visioniste nc-agricowi at netcologne.de
Wed Jan 21 09:37:58 CET 2004

---> "My Mission"
The ongoing collection of textual self-representations in form of artistic
statements  ----> as part of
"{self}_representation 2003"  -
the new show on Le Musee di-visioniste
www.le-musee-divisioniste.org or
------> update launched on 21 January 2004

These are the first 2004 additions of artists statements:
------>Ijosé Benin, Stella Maris Angel Villegas
Zon Sakai, Doren Garcia, Fabian Giles

They form the basis of  "My Mission":
-------->Daniel Young, David Crawford, Miranda Zuñiga
Gita Hashemi, Barry Smylie, Sergeij Jakovlev
Igor Ulanovsky, Rene Joseph, Mr. Robert Montini
Robin Miller, Eva Lewarne, Eric Van Hove
Jorn Ebner, Dr. Hugo, Wendy Lu
Richard Ellis, Harriet Jameson Pellizzari, RAnders
Xavier Malbreil, Graham Thompson, Álvaro Ardévol
Lisa Ndejuru , Cezar Lãzãrescu, Julie Andreyev
Carla Della Beffa, Catherine Daly,
Xavier Pehuet, Kristin Calabrese, Sol Kjøk
Michael Crane, Ricardo , Blair Butterfield
Anthony Lealand, gintas k, Luigia Cardarelli
Ksenija Kovacevic, Cendres Lavy
Pino Boresta, Dizzy, Aikaterini Gegisian, Jeremy Newman,
Carole Loeffler, Michael  Haskett, Ida Dominici, kosmoagonia,
Alberto Frigo , Heather J. Tait, Miss C Johnston,
Nitin Shroffs, Shaukat Khan, Ann Tracy,
Luna Nera, Clemente Padin, Nigel Petherick
X Rokeby, Michael Branthwaite, Boel Olsson,
Cyrill Duneau, Domenico Olivero

Enter the project via
www.le-musee-divisioniste.org or
or go directly also to:

But there are much more artists who have a mission.
Come and join the project by responding to this call:

"My Mission"   - call for submissions

invites artists to submit to the recently initiated project
"My Mission",
collection of textual self-representations in form of artistic statements.

Please send  your statement as a short text in plain email format (not more
than 500 words),
how you see your mission as an artist, if you have any.

"My mission" is an ongoing project with an open end, so you can send  your
statement at any time. No deadline.

All serious submissions will be immediately included.

Please send your submission
including your name and email address, to
info at le-musee-divisioniste.org
subject line: My Mission

"{self}_representation 2003"
is curated and created by Agricola de Cologne

for Le Musee di-visioniste
 - corporate member of
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork] :||cologne -
the experimental platform for net based art -
operating from Cologne/Germany.

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