[spectre] WebJam 05 - 27.1.04 8pm GMT

Liam Wells l.wells at nsad.ac.uk
Tue Jan 20 14:38:08 CET 2004


27.1.04 | 8pm 

Norwich School of Art & Design | Norwich Arts Centre
Online | http://net.nsad.ac.uk/cast <http://net.nsad.ac.uk/cast> | password
= jams
Post-Media Online Space for Distributed Improvisation

WebJam is a post-media online space for experimentation with distributed
improvisation. The public interface to WebJam is http://net.nsad.ac.uk/cast
[password = jams].

WebJam05 performers include

John Bowers & Nick Melia



Stef Edwards


Royal McBee

Auntie Bacteria

Matthew Noel Tod

Horses Brawl


Phil Archer

The Distinguished Mr Sam Barnes


WebJam05, the fifth event in the WebJam series, will be performed within a
specially created network connecting Norwich School of Art & Design, Norwich
Arts Centre and a number of online locations. Musicians, Video Artists and
those working in-between will be based at different points within this
network, passing, affecting or intervening in the data streams distributed
within the space. The material output will be edited in real-time and
webcast in audio | video streams from http://net.nsad.ac.uk/cast.


QuickTime 6 plugin is required to experience the a|v stream.



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