[spectre] Discordia welcomes guest host: Paul Lloyd Sargent

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Discordia welcomes guest host: Paul Lloyd Sargent

Love and Hate in the Era of Surveillance--

This may seem at first a silly trifle but I've been thinking much lately of
what it must be like to be young and in love in this information age.  I am
only 33 and still single and so it is not that long ago in my own life that
I was a rather dangerous romantic obsessive to a fault, like so many raised
on John Hughes films and the literary "teacup tragedies" (in the words of
Oscar Wilde) of courtly love.  I have my own long list of embarrassing, say
anything-type moments that in reality are less like romance and more like
stalking.  But I was raised (lest I get too nostalgic here) in simpler
times: no email or IM or Google searches, no cell phones or pagers or Caller
ID, no web cams or night vision camcorders or X10 2.4GHz Wireless Nanny-cams
with XRay Vision Software!   ... >>

Paul Lloyd Sargent is a video artist living and working in Chicago, IL.
Intrigued by symptoms of privilege and implication in digital media and
popular culture, he uses audio, video and related media to experiment with
narrative structure.  With debts to Ant Farm, Donald Barthelme, Bertolt
Brecht, the Critical Art Ensemble, and Yo! MTV Raps, his recent work uses
digital music video as a venue for sudden fiction, allegorical history, and
cultural critique.  After receiving his MFA from the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago in 2000, he is currently an adjunct professor at a
number of institutions, teaching video and digital imaging at the Art
Institute and in the Chicago City College system.  His video work has
screened internationally at venues like Impakt, the Microwave Festival,
Version>03, Onion City and the One Take Film Festival in Zagreb Croatia.

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