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Joel S. Bachar joel at microcinema.com
Sat Jan 3 18:43:48 CET 2004

Happy New Year!!!

The Blackchair Collection, a new DVD catalogue and label has some great
experimental work now available on DVD through its online catalogue viewable

Some of our featured titles:

1. Spectres of the Spectrum by Craig Baldwin
Agitprop genius Craig Baldwin, director of TRIBULATION 99 and SONIC OUTLAWS,
returns with his grandest work to date! SPECTRES OF THE SPECTRUM plunders
Baldwin's treasure trove of early television shows, industrial and
educational films, Hollywood movies, advertisements and cartoons, combining
these with live-action footage, no-budget special effects, and relentless
narration to generate a wholly original paranoid science-fiction epic.

2. Experiments in Terror - Abstract & Experimental Horror curated by Noel
As if by some irresistable compulsion to witness the mortification of the
flesh, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR perversely unearths a celluloid sarcophagus of
horrible, horrible beauty...a phantasmagoria of the uncanny, the dreadful,
and the macabre...

3. Synesthetics - 9 Short Films by Kasumi
An artist that embodies all that the microcinema can offer and more.
Musician, professor, visual artist, writer, auto didactic - Cleveland, Ohio
based artist - Kasumi. Kasumi is a published author of two books, a musician
who has recorded four LP albums, a commercial video producer and graphic
designer for local and national companies, and a painter - in addition to
being an experimental filmmaker. Her works have exhibited in galleries,
shows, and festivals around the world. She is currently Assistant Professor
at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

4. Peripheral Produce - All Time Greatest Hits
Peripheral Produce started as an iddy-biddy screening series in Portland
Oregon in 1996, and soon after added a videotape distribution wing into the
mix. 7 years and a whole lot of videotape later we have finally reached
double digits with OUR 10TH VIDEO RELEASE!

5. Spy in the House of Ludd - A compilation of award-winning short films by
Simon Tarr
This DVD compilation of Simon Tarr’s award-winning short films includes:
Growing Up Luke, Vow, Joe’s Suspenders, Desert Tango, The Cold Sun, Crescent
Time, Burning Contour Matrix, Extremely Bright Lights and the Sound of
Explosions, and Sundog Verga Matrix.

We have many other great titles available on DVD - and many more coming
soon. Please check out www.microcinema.com for details and please, if YOU
have a DVD that you would like distributed, please contact us.

Here's to a great 2004!
Joel S. Bachar
The Blackchair Collection

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