[spectre] Five Reports of the European Media Technology and Everyday Life Network

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__EMTEL reports now available at http://www.emtel2.org/

The European Media Technology and Everyday Life Network (EMTEL) was 
funded by the European Commission under the 5th Framework Programme. 
It was constituted as a research and training network within the 
programme Improving Knowledge Potential and oriented towards 
"creating a user friendly information society".

EMTEL conducted interdisciplinary social scientific research between 
2000 and 2003, about the information society from the perspective of 
everyday life.

The final results of the research are now available at

Seven reports deal with specific aspects of the everyday life in the 
Information Society:

YOUTH: The Web Generation? The (De)Construction of Users, Morals and 

AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE: A Social and Technological View of Ambient 
Intelligence in Everyday Life: What bends the trend?

WORK: Boundaries in a Space of Flows. The Case of Migrant 
Researchers' Use of ICT

CONSUMPTION: An Ethnographic Study of Internet Consumption in 
Ireland: Between Domesticity and the Public Participation

POLITICAL ACTIVISM: ICT-Usage among Transnational Social Movements in 
the Networked Society: to organise, to mediate & to influence

MINORITY MEDIA: Mapping Diasporic Media across the EU: Addressing 
Cultural Exclusion

DISABILITY: ICT and social inclusion in the everyday life of less abled

Five THEMATIC REPORTS cover overarching aspects of the Information Society:

Media and Technology in the Everyday Life of European Societies
The Information Society in Europe: Methods and Methodologies
Inclusion and Exclusion in the Information Society
ICTs in Everyday Life : Public Policy Implications for 'Europe's Way 
to the Information Society'
Living and Working in the Information Society: Quality of Life in a 
Digital World

Contributing partners are as follows:

. ASCoR, The University of Amsterdam
. COMTEC, Dublin City University
. IPTS, Seville
. LENTIC, The University of Liege
. Media at lse, London School or Economics (co-ordinating centre)
. NTNU, University of Trondheim
. SMIT, Free University of Brussels
. TNO, Delft
. SINTEF, University of Trondheim

For more information, please refer to the EMTEL Network website 

The site also features the proceeding of the Network Conference, held 
in April 2004. (www.emtelconference.org).

Yours Sincerely,

Roger Silverstone
EMTEL Co-ordinator
r.silverstone at lse.ac.uk

On behalf of the EMTEL Network

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