[spectre] announcements

Eric Kluitenberg epk@xs4all.nl
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 21:52:04 +0200

hello all,

To clarify my opinion - for me Syndicate was for a long time, and I hope
Spectre will be, an important professional tool, of which the announcements
were the most intersting and important aspect for me, and the discussion
and especially essays were a great bonus.

If the annoucements of festivals, exhibitions, artist projects, symposia,
etc, are no longer part of the list it doesn't make real sense for me to be
subscribed to it. I also like the immediate aspect of it. I often get
reactions to postings of events - it is for me personally THE most vital
aspect of mailing lists like (former-)syndicate, xchange, NICE and others.
The pan-european perspective of spectre, and focus on all forms of media
art and media culture is something specific that I feel gravely missing
since syndicate went down the drain.

At 16:49 +0200 28-08-2001, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
>the disadvantage of digesting ann. is that they
>sometimes come late.

Especially when talking about live events on the internet, which become an
increasingly important aspect for media culture, even though the roll-out
of broadband is stalled for now...

I have always seen syndicate as a tool for curators, artists, festival
organisers, critics, writers, media cultural operators of various kinds. It
is a real advantage to be able to read and respond directly to what these
people are doing - that is exactloy the extra a mailing list offers over a
web agenda or a print magazine.

I'll shut up now about it..

best wishes,

p.s. - I cannot be in Linz, unfortunately