[spectre] Re: [mir] welcome spectre

Janos Sugar sj@c3.hu
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 14:49:27 +0200

ok,  welcome whatever name, (btw i am curious to the footer...), i closed=
 down the synd folder (rather small) and i opened a _spectre_ mailbox in my=
 mail program.=20

concerning announcements, its SO easy to delete sthing - at least so esay as=
 discussing  secondary issues...=20

the main question is why should i (you, someone) subscribe the spectre=
 list?? do we have anything to discuss with each other? or a list should be=
 the transporter of intellectual strokes of family members? we agree more or=
 less that the syndicate lost its relevance (ok some agents accelerated the=
 process, thanks god). maybe the whole east-west rehetoric within the=
 western culture lost its importance. but certainly other relevances are=
 arising. what are those? now we have an interesting ruin for archeological=
 studies.  my proposal is to analize the changes, and think about the future=
 of mediated (not direct) communication - and if it has to do with east/west=
 relations, or with  eurocentrism - hurrah, lets see it.

now we are in a comfortable small circle with no moral obligations=
 (political correctnes etc) where are the subversive ideas? why should we=
 have a list?

i found it examplatory that inke & abroeck in a moment of freedom took the=
 persona of nn and integer...=20