[rohrpost] transit lounge event

miriam mlecek miriam_mlecek at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 26 18:28:04 CET 2007

19H 01.03.07 - 02.03.07

Movement reveals a layered and unfolding passage. Landscapes overlap, 
intersect and diverge. Formations emerge; clarity is exposed. With a 
destination in mind the in between is certain; the transit compulsory.

Rob Curgenven(AUS),Govinda Lange(AUS),Silvia Marzall(DE/BRA) and Kristina 
Matovic(AUS) transform the spaces of the transit lounge into an immersive 
landscape. A 5-channel soundscape leads you along the path, changing in 
response to the movement of the audience.
Vernissage: Thursday 1st of march 2007, 19 H
entry via the river side of the building from Brueckenstrasse
Open: 02.03.07  16 - 19H

for more information check www.transitlounge.org

transit lounge
Josetti Höfe Rungestr.22-24 10179 Berlin-Mitte
transit at transitlounge.org
0049-30-(0)151 12964404

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