[rohrpost] n0name newsletter #109

Florian Cramer fc-rohrpost at plaintext.cc
Son Feb 25 14:19:30 CET 2007

Am Friday, 23. February 2007 um 15:52:14 Uhr (+0100) schrieb n0name at gmx.de:

> Is "All" dyne:bolic "software" [...] free and" is "there is no market 
> operation behind" even not the statedriven market of arts and so 
> called "access to modern technology and" this "let people be Free to 
> Create."? Because "The  distinction between what is public and what is 
> private is becoming more and more blurred."?

Dazu der dyne:bolic-Entwickler jaromil, mit der Bitte, es hier zu

| as far as i understand their question is left open, so i see nothing bad
| in it. in case there are specific doubts to be discussed you are welcome
| to include me in the thread.
| if i'm up to reply i'd only mention the fact that dyne:bolic is one of
| the few approved as 100% free distributions by the FSF itself, as you
| can see on the pages www.gnu.org
| anyway, i think it is healthy to have concerns about real freedom of
| things.
| ciao
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